Okyanus Socks company began the socks production with annaual capacity of 1.000.000 pairs of socks in 2002, after passising last ten years, the capacity has reached annually 18.000.000 pairs of socks and 3.000.000 pairs of tights.

Okyanus socks who keeps all production processes in its plant, considers its all suppliers as a strarategic business partner.

Okyanus socks has the most recent socks knitting machines which have different gauges (6, 9, 14, 18) and features, watery – steamy washing machines, steamy boarding machines, diversified textile machines that have very different features. Furthermore, the company has a packing/finising and a tights confection departments that has a high capacity and qualifications.

The all quality control processes have been concluded and have been being implemented for the entire production system. The compay periodically are being inspected by international audit companies. Okyanus Socks company, who is trying to follow up the latest technologic developments in the world, has the most recent models of Lock and Punteriz machines, which are rarely available in every company in this textile sector. Those Machines also are so important to get the best quality for switching the gussets of the tights.

In result of the having these qualified socks knitting machines which can knit 7 colours in the same time, The company has a comprehensive capacity and colourful kids and baby collection.In additional of this, various yarns such as organic cotton, cotton, bamboo, soy, wool, angora, modal, mercerised etc. ared used for the production.

All required raw meterials and accessories are provided from the suppliers who has all internetional chemical, ethical certificates. They must feel responsible against the Environment. Because of the the campany’s policy, Okyanus Socks requests these certificates from them before working together.

Okyanus socks has an environmental awareness and follow up the recycling processes during all stages of the production as much as possible. Therefore, the company constantly makes new investment and trains its staff.

Okyanus Socks company always desires the best products and servises for the consumers with its ever-growing capacity, and comprehensive collections and experienced production department which can meet the urgent demands very quickly.